ESPHome on ESP8266/ESP-12E 8 & 16 channel Relay

ESP8266/ESP-12E/ ESP-12F 8 channel Relays board arrived.
So what do we have?
– Power input 5V / 7-28V
– 8x 10A Songle relays
– ESP-12E
– Pinrow to solder yourself
– a jumper

Ok, first try -> just give it some power via a CP2102 USB TTL Konverter.
– it opened an AP, but no captive portal has been running on it
– guess from my wife, it might me just a function check firmware
Let’s see…
– connect RX to TX
– TX to RX
– tell esphome that it’s dealing with an

board: esp12e

– ok, flash
– nop… no serial connection established :/
– only a reset button, but no programming
“may you need to short out GND & IO0”
Maybe this is what the Jumper is for
*connects jumper*
– flash works

No doku what relay is on what gpio… then try and error it is.
After like… 30min, I now have all Pins.
Relay 1 GPIO16
Relay 2 GPIO14
Relay 3 GPIO12
Relay 4 GPIO13
Relay 5 GPIO15
Relay 6 GPIO0
Relay 7 GPIO4
Relay 8 GPIO5

Oh wow… GPIO1 & GPIO3 are not in use? O.O
So yay, I2C Ports, where I can connect an AHT10 ^^
I guess GPIO2 is empty and I maybe could use it for dallas/onewire sensors or as a dum binery sensor for a switch or so.

Finally I now have a 8c relay board, that also has 3 custom Pins for free use for 17,50€ (AWS price, Ali is more like 9,50€)

Config here:

Also a 16x has arrived with 2 74HC595N Shift Register on it, but more PINs to use

Config here: